Prospecta is a narrative model of how the future might evolve. It is a forward-looking exploration of the possibilities that lie ahead.

The project aims to give insights and glimpses into a world where reliance on fossil fuels is diminished or replaced.

The core components of Prospecta are Building Blocks, each describing an aspect of the envisioned future. These Building Blocks are accessible to a wide audience through downloadable PDF files that can be freely circulated.

The blocks are listed on the site in no particular order—all blocks are equal in value.

Pages of Background Comments support the blocks.

Conversations with ChatGPT provide further enlightenment.

The aim is to facilitate widespread dissemination of thinking about how the post-fossil fuel era may develop.

The project seeks to foster collaboration and inspire diverse perspectives on the future by ensuring that the information is easily accessible and free from legal constraints.

In this way, Prospecta aspires to present a narrative model of the possible future of post-fossil fuel and contribute to a global conversation about sustainable and innovative pathways for the journey.

Prospecta is designed to spark curiosity and imagination. The narrative model is a static representation and an evolving and dynamic framework that adapts to emerging technologies, societal changes, and economic and environmental considerations.

The Building Blocks will be “continuously” updated to incorporate participating members’ comments and the editor’s latest insights. Thus ensuring that Prospecta remains relevant and forward-thinking.

Prospecta aims to develop a collective consciousness towards sustainable practices and alternative solutions by fostering an open exchange of ideas and knowledge. The absence of copyright restrictions emphasises the project’s collaborative spirit, inviting individuals and organisations to utilise, share, and build upon the content.

Prospecta is not just a vision; it’s a participatory endeavour inviting everyone to participate in the conversation about our shared future.

Now, look at the Building Blocks set up to start your journey.

Create PDF files of the blocks of interest and circulate them to your friends. The aim is to improve or even replace the blocks if they do not reflect the localism ethos – a way of thinking, a mindset which will evolve the more we think about it.